Amy (blowndandelion) wrote in wakingxashland,

FREE Waking Ashland show at The Grove

The Grove has a very pretty atmosphere. 
Waking Ashland performed Rumors, Edinger, October Skies, Let Go, Hands On Deck, I Am For You, Open Doors, Julian, Reseda, Tortoise and the Hare. I don't remember in which order but anyways, they did amazingly magnificient! Jonathan is so random. He mentioned about the water from the water fountain shooting up at the right beat of the music. 

Here is a very blurry picture of me and the boys of Waking Ashland. :]

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So, I'm basically very sad that I couldn't go...

My dad now, refuses to drive me to shows on weekdays for some weird reason..

Glad it was a good show though =)
awww...too cute
Thanks for sharing! Aww you guys look so good, why'd they have to cancel my show? *tear*
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