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FREE show at USC [November 1st]

come see Waking Ashland, Brandtson, Impel, and Five Minutes To Freedom play a free show at USC's Ground Zero coffeehouse on Friday, Nov. 10 at 6:30 PM!

i know it's not on their myspace dates, but this show is going to happen!

for more info:
facebook event link
myspace link
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[September 24th]

By any chance, did anyone in this community go to Uprising to see Waking Ashland?
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FREE Waking Ashland show at The Grove [July 28th]


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thesmokewillclear.com [July 4th]

Hello Waking Ashland fans! Amanda and Kate of thesmokewillclear.com have photos up on the site from the June 30 show at the Boardwalk in Orangevale of Gatsbys American Dream, Waking Ashland, My American Heart, This Providence and Damiera.

teasers under the cutCollapse )

So you guys should definitely check those out and leave comments! We also have a myspace in case any of you are interested in that.
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Waking Ashland at the Cave 6/29 [July 2nd]

[ mood | cheerful ]

This was the second time that I've seen Waking Ashland this time was much better. It was probably the low stage that made it more intimate and just better. And also I thought the crowd was better this time than the last time. Thank goodness for Waking Ashland being mellow so no one would sweat more than they already did, haha.

+8 moreCollapse )

I took two videos: October Skies and Hands On Deck.

And because I don't think my friend won't update anytime soon haha here are her videos too: Rumors and I Am For You.
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[June 30th]

[ mood | okay ]

anybody going to the Portland, Oregon show on Saturday? (this saturday, July 1st)
I had a concert buddy but it's not gonna work out to go with her. boo. I live in Eugene and ideally I'd love to drive up there with somebody else...let me know on here, eh? I know if I don't go, I will be sad, especially once I get the new album . :(

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[June 10th]

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[June 4th]


Current Contest

Win two tickets to watch Gatsby's American Dream, Waking Ashland, My American Heart, and This Providence at Chain Reaction on June 24!

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hello... [May 22nd]

[ mood | ecstatic ]

i know that most of you already know this...but here are some banners that you guys can put up on your myspaces or in your info for livejournal or really where ever you feel like you want to put them. (if you want the codes, please ask if you don't have them already)

bannersCollapse )

i was also curious about what everyone thought about the new songs?
i love them.
♥ ashley

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Has everyone seen the new video yet? [April 24th]

Okay, so I heard Waking Ashland made a video for Hands On Deck!!! I was very excited because it's one my favorite songs. :) I really like the whole concept of the video. It fit the song real well. :)

For those who have not seen the video yet; here is the url:
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[April 2nd]


I was googling Waking Ashland lyrics and this community was one of the results. So I joined.

I have this one Waking Ashland song, "The Politics of Life", but it doesn't match up with the lyrics on the sites. It's supposed to be this song that's like, "Sat around and thought about destiny, which led me to feelings I could not conceive, because I was holding on to yesterday", right? But my version of the song is like, "Please tell me, 'cause I don't want to breathe anymore. Please tell me you feel something, what I feel is ecstasy. Oh, shame on me. Cast your spell on me. La dah dah dah, the stars reunite for you and I, tonight. I need you in my life..." and then it goes, "Run around the roses. I think I'm crazy. She's got me blushin'..."

So do I have a corrupted file? Or is it like an unreleased track from Waking Ashland with the wrong song name? I looked at all the other lyrics of their other songs, but none of them match up with this one.

Click here if you want to listen to my version of the song.

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[March 12th]

Yesterday I saw Waking Ashland at a super small venue called Ten Bells in Grand rapids. I thought I'd post the pictures.Collapse )

Jonathan was unfortunately having vocal problems yesterday and losing his voice so they had to cut the set short. I still loved it even so.

I have a video of Hands On Deck and I Am For You
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"Hands on Deck" music video [March 10th]

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[February 28th]
hey there

right now i only have one conformation on the lyricbook, and two pictures from jill... which are amazing by the way. thanks!
if you haven't, please let me know you haven't forgotten about the book.
it's getting close to the date of the concert, and i'm getting nervous.
if you said you could do a couple lines, and for some reason can't anymore... tell me asap so can get those filled.
puhhh-lease give me your pictures by march third. but the sooner, the better!
any questions look down a couple posts or email me.

thank you!
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Chain reaction pictures 2/11/06 [February 19th]
they're really bigCollapse )
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[February 15th]

i don't mean to be annoying, buttttttttt....
check down two posts and see if you want to help me with a project i'm doing for the guys.
only a couple people have contacted me about it, so if any of you guys could help out i'd love you so much.
i want a lot of people to be included on this project cause it's going to turn out really nice.
thanks, and take care!
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[February 13th]
today my friend and i drove down edinger avenue while blasting 'edinger.' just thought i should share =]
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[February 13th]
hey guys,
me, and a couple other people are putting together a gift for the guys.
it's a lyric book. it's going to be really nice, i'll post picture of the book after it's done.
i need pictures with lyrics from the song 'overjoyed' in them.
i need the lines:

won't you just rest with me
I'll make you complete again
I saw the beauty in your soul
can't you just see the moon smiling at you tonight
what will define you?
overcame and fell for you

I see two roads ahead of you
Which is the one you'll choose?
I will fall
you will rescue me
what will define you?
i want to give you all i can
i want to know you
i want to someday understand
its all for you
who you going to be?
always there

if anyone wants to help me out, just take a picture with one of those lyrics in the picture. it could be you holding up a sign, alphabet soup, anything.
but be creative!
i'm seeing the guys on march 10th, so right now the deadline is the third of march, so i'll have a week to put it all together.
butttttttt, the sooner the better. seriously =]
want anymore info, email me or IM me.
aim- whatagardenhoe
email- hhhelicopter@gmail.com

i really would love all of your guys' help. tell a friend... or twenty.
also, if you do help out.. if you could send me a picture of yourself, tell me your name, and where you're from. that would be awesome too. i want them to know who helped with this. =]

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Waking Ashland @ Gaslighter Theater [February 12th]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Pictures!Collapse )

This was my first time seeing Waking Ashland and they were great! I only knew a few songs before the show and now I can't stop listening to all of them!
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[January 25th]

[ mood | drained ]

i made this for my friend for her birthday...thought you guys of all people would appriciate it...

you know you wanna clickCollapse )

comment if you want...tell me how bad i suck...cause i could have done so much better.

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