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Waking Ashland at the Cave 6/29

This was the second time that I've seen Waking Ashland this time was much better. It was probably the low stage that made it more intimate and just better. And also I thought the crowd was better this time than the last time. Thank goodness for Waking Ashland being mellow so no one would sweat more than they already did, haha.

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I took two videos: October Skies and Hands On Deck.

And because I don't think my friend won't update anytime soon haha here are her videos too: Rumors and I Am For You.
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anybody going to the Portland, Oregon show on Saturday? (this saturday, July 1st)
I had a concert buddy but it's not gonna work out to go with her. boo. I live in Eugene and ideally I'd love to drive up there with somebody else...let me know on here, eh? I know if I don't go, I will be sad, especially once I get the new album . :(
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tom & summer <3


i know that most of you already know this...but here are some banners that you guys can put up on your myspaces or in your info for livejournal or really where ever you feel like you want to put them. (if you want the codes, please ask if you don't have them already)

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i was also curious about what everyone thought about the new songs?
i love them.
♥ ashley
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