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I was googling Waking Ashland lyrics and this community was one of the results. So I joined.

I have this one Waking Ashland song, "The Politics of Life", but it doesn't match up with the lyrics on the sites. It's supposed to be this song that's like, "Sat around and thought about destiny, which led me to feelings I could not conceive, because I was holding on to yesterday", right? But my version of the song is like, "Please tell me, 'cause I don't want to breathe anymore. Please tell me you feel something, what I feel is ecstasy. Oh, shame on me. Cast your spell on me. La dah dah dah, the stars reunite for you and I, tonight. I need you in my life..." and then it goes, "Run around the roses. I think I'm crazy. She's got me blushin'..."

So do I have a corrupted file? Or is it like an unreleased track from Waking Ashland with the wrong song name? I looked at all the other lyrics of their other songs, but none of them match up with this one.

Click here if you want to listen to my version of the song.

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