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Yesterday I saw Waking Ashland at a super small venue called Ten Bells in Grand rapids. I thought I'd post the

Myself & Jonathan Jones.
My friend didn't know how to focus my camera and I smiled dumb but oh well
By the way his pin on his shirt says "Coffee slut" and he was really proud of the fact that he bought it in Grand Rapids that day, if know anything about him you know it's perfect for him :]

[If you are a Sherwood fan and want to see those pictures go to my journal]

Jonathan was unfortunately having vocal problems yesterday and losing his voice so they had to cut the set short. I still loved it even so.

I have a video of Hands On Deck and I Am For You
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Awesome pictures! I saw them again on Thursday night. I didn't take any pictures this time though.
Thanks =)

I am jealous of you because you had much better supporting bands! I wish I could have seen New Atlantic :[

I think half the reason I go to shows is to take pictures. I love it.
It was my first time seeing New Atlantic. They were pretty good. I think they said they were going to be touring with Cartel, so I will be all over that!

I usually take a lot of pictures too, but I just didn't take any this time for some reason. I think it has something to do with being in a small venue with a small crowd and being one of the only people flashing a camera a bunch of times, lol. I only took two pictures at Cassino's show tonight and really wish I had taken more because they were so good.
I have never seen New Atlantic. I've been listening to them since before they existed..hah and by that I mean I started listening to their old band Glendora which was just Gio and Dave. Poor Gio has to listen to me whine about not ever getting to see them because they get off tours just before I go to them. They got off this tour the day before my date and when they are with Cartel they get off three days before :/ That's the Screaming Is For Babies tour with The Starting Line, Cartel, Copeland, and Gatsby's American Dream. I am pretty stoked for that..with or without New Atlantic.

I totally know what you mean. Sometimes if nobody else is taking pictures I am kind of weary about it but most of them time I take a ton. Plus my friend was taking a ton at this show during Sherwood so we were both doing it hah. It was a really small show for us too though, the smallest I've ever actually had to drive 45 minutes for.
That's the tour they are playing with Cartel? I thought they meant Cartel was doing their own tour. Bummer. I already saw Screaming Is for Babies last month (GREAT tour!). I planned to go again next month in Cincinnati, but I couldn't pass up the chance to see Jack's Mannequin.
It sure is. I'm going on the 4th.

I just became even more jealous of you that you get to see JM! Oh man, only in my dreams. I have never seen SoCo or JM. I was supposed to back in May but that was right when Andrew found out he had Leukemia so it got cancelled. Some day....
I've seen SoCo several times (dating back to 2002!), but never Jack's Mannequin. I am super excited. The last time I saw SoCo was last April, just a month or two before he was diagnosed.
sweet pics :)
thanks :]
those are amazing!!!!! i wish mine came out good...but they didn't o well. ♥