lol (hhhelicopter) wrote in wakingxashland,

hey guys,
me, and a couple other people are putting together a gift for the guys.
it's a lyric book. it's going to be really nice, i'll post picture of the book after it's done.
i need pictures with lyrics from the song 'overjoyed' in them.
i need the lines:

won't you just rest with me
I'll make you complete again
I saw the beauty in your soul
can't you just see the moon smiling at you tonight
what will define you?
overcame and fell for you

I see two roads ahead of you
Which is the one you'll choose?
I will fall
you will rescue me
what will define you?
i want to give you all i can
i want to know you
i want to someday understand
its all for you
who you going to be?
always there

if anyone wants to help me out, just take a picture with one of those lyrics in the picture. it could be you holding up a sign, alphabet soup, anything.
but be creative!
i'm seeing the guys on march 10th, so right now the deadline is the third of march, so i'll have a week to put it all together.
butttttttt, the sooner the better. seriously =]
want anymore info, email me or IM me.
aim- whatagardenhoe

i really would love all of your guys' help. tell a friend... or twenty.
also, if you do help out.. if you could send me a picture of yourself, tell me your name, and where you're from. that would be awesome too. i want them to know who helped with this. =]

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